The Hot Zone Part 2

What did you think about the reading?

I thought Part 2 was even more exciting than Part 1 because of the case of the Monkey House in Reston. It raised a frightening idea though; I didn’t think that Ebola viruses could end up all the way in the USA from its origin in Africa. It makes the story seem a lot more real and perceptible when its set in our own backyard. I enjoy reading about the lab dissections in the hot zone the most. The precautions they take at every level to enter the hot zone like the taping of the scrubs and huge air suit seem necessary and extremely drastic at the same time. Also all the events leading up to the big expedition inside the Monkey House increase the suspense.

What did you learn?

This part of the book went more in depth on the monkeys, especially the crab-eaters or the kras from the Philippines. I learned about the anatomy of the monkey and its behavior which was surprisingly human-like. They tend stay in groups and have a leader which is always the most powerful male. I also learned more about filoviruses and their structures. The operator of the electron microscope gave me more of an insight on how to use the machine and the diamond knife. The knife was really fascinating in that it could cut cells in half but just putting your finger on it could destroy it. 

What questions do you still have?

I still want to know how the military contains the virus in the H room at the Monkey House. I’m curious to see how that whole process plays out. I want to know how the monkey caretaker got infected and if he survives or not. But I’m most curious to know if the virus is actually a form of Ebola or if it’s just the Simian Fever as they are still unsure.


2 thoughts on “The Hot Zone Part 2

  1. The information regarding the diamond knife was fascinating. When you think of a diamond, you think of something that goes on a piece of jewelry as opposed to a scientific tool. In reality they serve numerous purposes in medical, scientific and even industrial fields. Such a resource should not only be appreciated for its beauty. I agree with you that it will also be interesting to find out how the process of containment turns out.

  2. A possible epidemic of Ebola in the USA was a shocking revelation, but it did get me more interested in finding out the true origin and a possible cure for the virus. I also enjoyed learning how one would use an electron microscope, because they are very expensive and I doubt that I will ever use one. It just goes to show like materialistic objects like diamonds, can be used for more than just displaying wealth.

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