Amniotic Egg



As pictured above, one will observe your classic, perfectly round, pure white eggs, one would purchase at their local supermarket. However one cannot simply comprehend how unique of a structure the amniotic egg is, devised by Mother Nature. Such an adaptation, first appeared approximately 340 million years ago, during the Carboniferous period. That is when Amphibians first began to appear! The evolution of the amniotic egg, first stemmed from amphibian reptiliomorphs, to be later on discovered in birds, reptiles, and mammals. This marvelous, special adaptation is solely found in tetrapod vertebrates. This adaptation is a significant, monumental moment in evolutionary history, as it allows eggs not to dry out on land anymore, gas exchange is enabled through the shell, allowing the embryo to still develop in its membranes, allows waste materials to be ridden of, so no toxic levels are developed, and no longer must eggs be laid in water. As can be seen, such a simple adaptation we take granted, is one of the numerous root causes why there is so much complex life on Earth. 

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