The Hot Zone Part 2

What did you think about the reading?

This novel keeps getting better and better. The plot is developing more rapidly than part one and the reader is now expecting something big to happen. This novel would not be the same if Preston did not use a great amount of imagery. I believe that Preston’s use of imagery adds more dynamism to the novel. The reader now knows that the “monkey house” is infected with a virus that is like Ebola. The reader is now curious to see if the virus will spread or be demolished in the “monkey house.” This adds a plethora of suspense to the story which will certainly keep the reader captivated.

What did you learn?

I knew that microbiology is a dangerous field but I did not know it was this perilous. Prior to reading this part of the novel, I did not know that there was more than one type of Ebola. I also knew that scientists experiment on animals to try to find cures for diseases and viruses but I did not realize how hard the euthanasia and disposal of these animals must be. I also knew that viruses could multiply at extremely fast rates inside of a living body but I did not know that dead viruses can switch back on and multiply when they come in contact with a living system.

What questions do you still have?

I am mainly wondering if the virus will leak out of the “monkey house” or if it will be eliminated before it can spread. I am also curious about the door to the back monkey rooms. Gene sealed this door off with military brown sticky tape but the author tells the reader that there is another way into the back rooms and one could get there without breaking the sticky tape on the door. I think that this “other way into the back rooms” will be the cause of the spread of the hot virus.


One thought on “The Hot Zone Part 2

  1. I agree with you completely on the plethora of suspense. My vision of a career dedicated to microbiology was also very different than portrayed. Instead of boring days spent in a lab I discovered it to be very fast paced and dangerous. I’m also interested to see if the virus leaks from the back rooms.

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