Your Inner Fish Part 2

I found the novel still extremely entertaining; I find myself reading it whenever possible. I think that the book becomes so much more interesting when you actually have an idea about what Shubin is talking about, so thank you embryology! I did previously know that teeth were the hardest structures in our bodies, but I did not know that there was actually crystal molecules (hydroxyapetite) that make up our teeth. I, personally, feel like I am worth so much more now. I was also a little surprised to hear that our first bones were made for eating and not for protection. Although it was not new news to me that human embryos have their own set of “gills,” it kept me wondering what would happen if the gill slits didn’t close at all?


2 thoughts on “Your Inner Fish Part 2

  1. I completely agree with everything you’re saying! I had the same mindset when I read that our teeth contain crystal molecules, hahaha I felt as if I was worth more!! I also thought it was funny when Shubin and his colleagues would get so emersed into what they were looking for on the ground that when they went into each other’s sites they would then pour dirt on the person crossing into another’s space. I thought that was comedic in a sense.

  2. The book is definitely more interesting when the terminology Shubin uses is familiar and a few embryology concepts finally clicked for me when I read the sections pertaining to the development of embryos and their body plans. As for the gill slits, Shubin tells us: “In abnormal cases, gill slits fail to close and remain open as pouches or cysts.”

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