Your Inner Fish Pt 2

I have found this reading to really surpass my expectations. At first glance I thought this would not be entertaining, while at the same time being informative on biology; boy was I wrong! This book is entertaining and informative! Now knowing that we can thank many prehistoric fish and other land or sea dwelling creatures for our limbs, I am beginning to see life in a different way. The idea of how our forearms were once seen as fins on a fish that eventually evolved over time is, well, mind blowing. The book also explains how teeth tend to be preserved for the most time due to crystal molecules called hydroxyapatite. How about that? Our teeth are partly crystal; bet you didn’t see that one coming because I surely didn’t. Up to this point in the book I learned that we are not just one type of organism. Different parts of us derived originally from other organisms and evolved over time. I still remain curious on some embryological topics that are brought up. Are we the same as every other organism when it first develops in the uterus? Can one organism be changed into another in its embryological period just by slightly changing its growth platelets?


2 thoughts on “Your Inner Fish Pt 2

  1. You pose an interesting question and although I am not familiar with growth platelets, I will attempt to answer. In essence, the separation between one organism and another is the difference in nucleotide sequences between their respective DNA. I would therefore assume that genetic manipulation is the only way to change one organism into another during its embryonic development.

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