An ectotherm is an organism which cannot rely on its metabolic processes to regulate personal temperature, the latter being partially yet vitally contingent on ambient heat levels. As such, the ectotherm is benefitted by not being forced to expend excessive energy engaging in uneconomic metabolic processes generating heat to regulate personal temperature, yet must live in environments with temperatures which in perpetuity are conducive to maintaining the creatures consistent body temperature. Because of this, the environments they do occupy are often mild and vary little in seasonal temperature changes. As well, ectotherms may also engage in activities(such as reptilian sunbathing) in order to stay warm.Furthermore, certain species have developed heat conservation methods( where such as in reptiles heat from blood circulating internally is recycled with cool blood at skin levels) to more efficiently use already stored heat.Their difficulties exposing themselves for sufficiently long times to heat sources is compensated by their lesser demand of nuitrition then endotherms;it follows ectotherms have lower metabolic rates, indicating they need less energy from food. The lizard, which is often observed sunbathing to compensate for its lack of metabolically produced heat, is an ectotherm


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