A Large Divided Leaf

A frond is a large leaf found on a fern. They have a stalk that supports the blade. They come in different shades of green and are generally found in damp, dark areas. Classically, a frond has a feathery appearance, with a long shaft in the middle of the structure and lacy extensions which protrude from the shaft. Originally, this term was used to refer to the leaf-like structures of a fern. The fronds of a fern are distinct from ordinary plant leaves because they bear spores, since ferns do not flower. A fern frond arises from the rhizome of the plant, developing initially as a tightly coiled fiddlehead which slowly unfurls. Some ferns also experience frond dimorphism, in which the male and female fronds look very different. In the picture above, the plant would be a frond because it has large divided leafs on it.


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