An r-selection organism, the inverse of a k-selection organism, is one which has a greater inversely proportional relationship between the widespread production of offspring and individual parental investment.R-Selection organisms, often producing less complex(certainly smaller) offspring in less stable environments then k-selection organisms, thrive in such conditions as their ability to reproduce prodigiously and quickly proves more effective then the specialized adaptations of k-selection organisms which may soon be made redundant by their volatile environment.The abstractly characteristic traits of r-selection being minute physical proportions, shorter life span,less internal complexity, early sexual maturity, high fecundity etc, their are species, such as turtles( respectably sized,incredibly long lived organisms with very high fecundity and low,if any, parental investment)who exist in some intermediate between clearly k or r selected organisms.R selection is widely disseminated throughout the biological kingdom, being practiced from bacteria to amphibians to reptiles to mammals. The hamster, relative to larger, more complex mammals, engages in r-selection.


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