Your Inner Fish: Part 2

I was really intrigued by the author’s use of anatomical references and similarities to everyday life. Neil Shubin uses simple ideas to allow a wider range of readers but still keeps the higher level ideas open to the audience. Shubin is not just an extremely intelligent scientist that piles his works into a novel but proves to be relatable and show his experiences within his research.  All these aspects show that Shubin would rather make others interested in his idea instead of proving his authority as an intellect. I learned the similarities between not only the fish we think of in the ocean but also larger ones like sharks. Other animals that are prevalent such as worms and frogs also provide similarities with fish. I also found out that one small structure that often goes unlooked such as teeth can tell many things about an organism, where they live, what they eat, and many more things.  It is interesting that even though some pieces of the puzzle might be missing, with the use of early fossils and modern anatomy scientists can fix together these missing parts. I still wonder if there are many similarities between the evolution of modern female species to that of their ancestors.


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