Hot Zone Part 3

What did you think about the reading?

The suspense is rapidly building up in this part of the novel. The similarities between between Ebola Zaire and what was found in Reston throws light on how intense the situation is getting. Fortunately, the virus found in Reston has not had any deadly effects on humans and the Sunbeam has wiped out the possibility for it to spread. However, I still feel that that there is growing pressure for the scientists to figure out the whole story behind Ebola.

What did you learn?

I learned more about how people were handled in the Slammer in this part of the novel. Although, hot agents are extremely dangerous, the concept of keeping someone who may have not been infected with a hot agent in such an unfavorable environment seems cruel. Readers also learned more about what Ebola is made up of and its ability to adapt to its host. Monkeys and humans are closely related so it probably would have not taken much time for the virus to adapt to us.  As deadly as Ebola is, its survival tactics are flawed. I feel if it kept its victims alive for just a tad longer, it could have been an even bigger force to reckon with. Ebola kills most of its victims so fast that it seldom finds another host in time.

What questions do you still have?

I still wonder about other weak links that Ebola has,  which the scientists can use to their advantage. I think that all these connections Ebola and Marburg had with monkeys is no coincidence. There is definitely some relation between Ebola and monkeys, but the question is what is it?


2 thoughts on “Hot Zone Part 3

  1. I agree with you on the similarities between Ebola Reston and Ebola Zaire. The situation continues to intensify and the army does not know that Ebola Reston does not harm humans until the end of Part Three. I am also curious about a connection between Ebola and the monkeys.

  2. It is true, I believe it impossible for the connection with Ebola and Marburg to be a coincidence and hopefully we can find out the answer in the next part. This story is becoming much more suspenseful with more lives at risk, which is why (now I understand) this is considered a horror novel.

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