Your Inner Fish Part 3

      Your Inner Fish remains informative and reveals many of life’s secrets. In Chapter 7, Shubin breaks down the composition of cartilage and the main component which makes it so pliant, the proteoglycan complex. He also details the one property common to all animals, which is that an interstitial molecules lie between their cells. Collagen is an important compound, making up over 90% of the body’s protein in weight. It was interesting to discover the patterns of the body plan: cartilage sits between bones to maintain them, and proteoglycans lie between cartilage cells to give them their miraculous properties. One thing remains to puzzle me: what exists in between the bonds of the atoms?


2 thoughts on “Your Inner Fish Part 3

  1. Electrostatic force attraction between the electrons of the respective atoms in question and space.Even an atom is 99 percent space though, so really pretty much nothing except quantum foam and perhaps floating-by imaginary particles and randomly bubbling vacuum energy. I couldn’t precisely say though, it’s uncertain.

  2. These chapters definitely show us life’s secrets by showing us the molecular and embryologic stages of our systems and the systems of other organisms. I also agree that it is really interesting that the shape and coordination of the body plan will help develop the complex and fully functional system.

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