What did you think about the reading?

This section of the book was not as interesting as Shubin’s previous chapters due to their being less anecdotes but it was still interesting. However, I learned a lot more in this section than I did in any other and it was interesting to be able to make connections back to my medical terminology and embryology classes.

What did you learn?

I learned about the basic components of the skeleton and that they can even be found in some of the simplest organisms on the planet. This even applied to some of the more complex parts of it and that really floored me. I also learned about one of the most interesting things I’ve read about. The experiment over which algae evolved over only a few years. The fact that organisms would go from unicellular, to a bit too big, to clumps of eight and then continue in clumps of eight was amazing to me and really helped explain the rise of multicellular life. I also learned about how the sensory organs I use every day, and know the structure of due to medical terminology, actually function and communicate with the brain. 

What questions do you still have?

When Shubin mentioned multicellular life rising due to an increase of oxygen levels I was confused about where the oxygen came from. I recall another, later oxygen spike due to plant-life but I was confused about the one that allowed multicellular life and ultimately plant-life to cause the one I know about. 


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