Stigma and Style

Stigma and Style

The styles and stigmas,inside the above flower, are the structures on the female reproductive organs in a flower carpels which are responsible for capturing pollen and transferring it to the ovary, pivotal for the pollen to fertilize an ovule.The stigma possess special adaptations to ensnare pollen(which can be transported either by air, insects, or water), incorporating hairs,flaps etc, to discourage self fertilization(self-incompatibility reactions), and to rehydrate desiccated pollen.Once captured by the stigma, pollen is transferred to the style, a tube -like, elongated connection to the stigma through which pollen is transported to the ovary.Styles can be either compacted with cells or generally vacant of compaction whatsoever.They are lined with tube-passageways called pollen tubes, which are ultimately responsible for the transfer of their namesake.Stigmas and Styles are always located in the Gynoecium the collection of all carpels in a flower), and in particular cases stigmas may be the tip of numerous fused carpels, while other times in certain species carpel ovaries have been noted to receive pollen deposits from adjacent styles in the Gynoecium.


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