The Hot Zone Part 3

What did you think about the reading?

I found the third part of this novel very fascinating. The pace of the story was even faster than the second part of the novel and it felt even more dramatizing  and vivid. The army is now ready to take on whatever virus could be in that building and they are planning on completely obliterating the monkey house from any hazardous life forms that could be present. Tough decisions are thrown at characters which develops the plot even further and shows how pain-staking this mission really is. For example, even though Nancy Jaax knows that her father is going to die very soon but she feels as if it is her obligation to stay at the monkey house to demolish the deadly virus. I was also amazed by the fact that Ebola Reston was extremely lethal in monkeys but had no effect on humans. Even when a worker cuts his thumb and obviously injects the virus into himself, he does not even get symptoms for the common cold.

What did you learn?

I learned that even the army knows that something will go wrong during this operation. That shows the intensity of this attack on Ebola. For example, Colonel C.J. Peters knows that someone will cut his or her finger or tear their armor but the operation continues. That shows how intense this mission is because someone is going to get hurt but the risk is worth taking in order to save North America from this virus. I also learned that you can never be certain that a virus is obliterated and gone. One can only assume by taking detailed exams for viruses. I also learned that companies will stop at no cost in order to get what they want. For example, the Hazelton company continued gathering monkeys from the same area as the original outbreak in order to get a good paycheck. I also learned that even though two viruses can be nearly identical, they can be very different in behavior For example, Ebola Reston and Ebola Zaire are almost impossible to tell apart but one of them is lethal to monkeys and one is lethal to both monkeys and humans.

What questions do you still have?

I am still not certain if Ebola Reston can spread through the air. Jahrling told Preston that the army could not do a definitive test because they would be registered for making a biological bomb. I also wonder if Ebola Reston could be lethal to humans if a mutation occurs in one of its proteins. I know that there are tests to see if one has Ebola but I want to know if there is a cure for this virus today.


4 thoughts on “The Hot Zone Part 3

  1. I agree with you. The third part in contrast to the second part is more fast paced and action packed. I also found it surprising that the Ebola Reston had barely no effect of humans in contrast to the Ebola Zaire it is so related to. I’m also curious to know if a cure is ever found. It would be a lot easier to contain the virus with a cure than to go through with the drastic lengths the military did to contain this outbreak.

  2. I was shocked at the fact that the outbreak in Reston was only lethal to monkeys. It was an unexpected outcome, due to the fact that the monkeys in Reston were dropping like flies. If your speculation about Ebola mutating its proteins and becoming lethal to humans is true, then this novel is going to move along at an even faster pace.

  3. I believe that Ebola Reston could potentially become lethal to humans, but it is highly unlikely since it has maintained its current properties for a long time. If it were to begin to affect humans, I believe that a new name for the virus would have to be made (so in a sense it wouldn’t be the same virus). It is undeniable that Ebola is an interesting virus and its various properties make it very deadly yet fascinating.

  4. I also wonder if a mutation in a protein would be able to infect humans since a single difference in protein can also make something nonlethal. The third part was faster than all the rest and the fourth will most likely be faster. Lots of interesting points.

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