The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Part 3

  • What did you think about the reading?

Part 3 really starts to explain how Henrietta’s family finds out. It also explains everything Skloot had to go through to find out all the facts on this story. Overall, Part 3 was the most enjoyable part for me to read so far. The ethics get even more complicated and more questions are asked. And in the middle of this storm, HeLa cells are being used to help cure and prevent diseases.

  • What did you learn?

I learned that soon, more people wanted to learn about the infamous HeLa cells. So reporters came to Henrietta’s family and asked them questions. That’s when the publicity first started. However, all Deborah wanted was for her mother to be remembered as the person she was, not just cells that lived on. So, when a documentary was made, she was happy and so was the whole family. However, other people started to sympathize. Speed, a grocery store owner, wanted to open a Henrietta Lacks museum. Soon, more reporters came. Also, scientists came asking Deborah and her family for blood tests, without telling them exactly what it was for. It was a big controversy.

  • What questions do you have?

I still wonder how Henrietta’s family came to terms with all this. Also, I wonder what is going on now, and whether they have any control over the cells. After reading the article Ms. Mathew posted on the recent news, it still seems like there hasn’t been a resolution.


One thought on “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Part 3

  1. Part 3 was the most enjoyable section for me to read too. I think this is because Part 3 changes the book from the more scientific HeLa driven book it could have been to a more personal about Henrietta Lacks book and not just her cells. I think Deborah got what she wanted with this book and when she died, it was with a smile on her face. The Lacks boys still want to sue Johns Hopkins for the cells, but it wasn’t johns Hopkins who made the money, it was the cell manufacturers.

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