Altruistic Behavior



Altruism, is an intriguing behavior that may be observed throughout the animal kingdom, and simply involves an action by an individual, possibly detrimental to the organism in some cases, however always beneficiary to others. Such compelling, selfless behavior acts (as seen above, with a kin of mine rescuing me after I fell on the ground), involves achieving biological fitness, specifically maintaining the survival of its genes among its kin, and further on to other members of that organism’s species, to completely different animals! There are numerous examples involving such an action, like walruses adopting orphan walruses; lemurs taking care of all infants (regardless of their relation to one another); wolves bringing back meat to the pack, for those who were not present during the hunt; meerkats standing guard for predators, as their comrades rest; and much more. As one would logically conclude, altruistic behavior in the animal kingdom, is a wonderful, enthralling event, which continues to baffle scientists, at how complicated this nature continues to appear. 


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