Batesian Mimicry

Batesian Mimicry

Batesian mimicry is a form of mimicry done in certain situations where a harmless species has evolved to imitate the warnings of attack that harmful species have directed at a common predator. This form of mimicry is the most well know and studied of above all others. The organism imitating the protected species is known as the mimic, while the imitated is known as the model. Batesian mimicry does not have to only fool the eyes; it is very possible for this ability to deceive all the senses. For example moths mimic ultrasound warning signals in order to protect themselves against bats. The vast majority of Batesian Mimicry is done with insects. Aposematism becomes a part of this mimicry as soon as the mimic is spotted by the predator, this is used in order to intimidate the predator by any means necessary. In few instances some lizards will do push-ups in order to show its strength and health to the predator.


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