This natural, fascinating hormone, which triggers several events, gibberllin is just as critical as ethylene. Such a fundamental hormone to the plants development, gibberllin serves to awaken the plant from dormancy, leading to the events of stem elongation, sex characteristics become notable, enzyme production (a-amylase), delays aging of fruits, flowering, and such. Some of the notable features of gibberllin, is notable in the photo above, depicting the hormone’s ability to senescence fruit, as evident by the ripe banana, not being too aged.  Furthermore, the structure of gibberllin involves an entgibberellane skeleton. Usually, a gibberllin consists of 20 carbon units grouped in 5 rings, with the 5th ring typically being a lactose ring. Moreover, gibberllins are discoverable in gymnosperms, angiosperms, and ferns. This incredible plant hormone, is induced from the tissues of a shoot and the developing seed. As can be observed, a gibberllin is quite impressive, and is necessary to understand if wanting to gain a greater understanding of the developmental process of a plant.

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