A hermaphrodite is an organism equip with both male and female reproductive organs.Classified as either sequential:initially a male or female at delivery which gradually transitions to the opposite sex, or bidirectional, meaning that the organism possesses both male and female gonads yet acts as a singular sex during fertilization with a partner,or simultaneous: constituted with both male and female gonads generally both active during fertilization, resulting in all involved partners producing offspring.Hermaphroditism has decisive advantages in particular situations, such as when an organism retains the ability to reproduce despite the incurred dysfunction of one of its gonads or the doubled reproduction capacities of simultaneous hermaphroditic partners. Although a natural adaptation of many invertabraes or fish, hermaphroditism can afflict humans via mistakes in meiosis( dual presence of XX and XY chromosomes, pernicious mutation involving the crossing over of a X and Y chromosome).The earthworm is a hermaphrodite.


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