Mullerian Mimicry

Mullerian MimicryMullerian mimicry is a spontaneous occurence, in which two poisonous creatures learn each other’s warning signals. Similar to Batesian mimicry, this type of mimicry can fool all of the senses, not just vision. These organisms come to a mutualistic agreement, per say, to collaborate or make a truce. It is said that in order to fully understand this mimicry, one must fully understand aposematism, which are the individual warning signals different species possess. Poison Dart frogs show this mimicry by their natural defenses being secretion on their skin for protection, and the bright colors they possess acts as a warning to all predators to leave the colored frogs alone, or suffer the consequences of being poisoned. As a result, if the prey were to be harmful or not, multiple species can come into an alliance and mimic each other’s warnings. This would lead to an evolutionizing in Mullerian as well as Batesian mimicry.


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