Characteristically known for their multiple, quickly reproduced offspring, r-strategists may be observed throughout numerous kingdoms of life. Such a notable attribute, their astonishing, instantaneous reproductive methods, is quite suited for ambiguous, fickle environments. A possible reason why bacteria (who are r-Strategists) were able to survive and thrive during the early years of Earth, when it was quite a tumultuous period. Furthermore, other distinguished features of r-strategists, besides what has been mentioned, includes small size, short gestation periods, early acquisition of adulthood, brief lifespans, population size fluctuates often due to unpredictable environment, minimal parental care, and lastly the numerous offspring given birth from a single pregnancy. Moreover, the multiple r-strategists that exist among us, includes mosquitoes, small rodents (mice, gerbils, etc.) bacteria, mollusks, salmon, and so forth. As can be seen, r-strategists are quite unique and fascinating to learn about, and are strikingly contrasted from their cousin, k-strategist. 


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