Genetically Modified Organism

Genetically Modified Organism

Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genetic features have been altered using genetic engineering techniques. The chickens in this picture have not been intrinsically transformed using alternate genome sequencing; rather, their feed has been genetically modified. In fact, almost all corn and soybean used in conventional poultry production have transformed genes. This treatment enables the crops to grow faster and yield a higher harvest. Subsequently, the chicken’s feed, as well as their living conditions (i.e. small cages), allows the birds to bulk up with meat- almost to the point of overfeeding them. When they are slaughtered, the chicken meat is then injected with a saline solution to give it a more appetizing appearance in stores. The process of genetic modification, found in most poultry and agriculture practices today, is relatively new; therefore, long-term consequences of ingesting treated organisms are currently unknown.


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