K-Strategists, or K-selected organisms, are the opposite of r-strategists. Whereas r-strategists produce large amounts of offspring with the hope that at least a few will survive, K-strategists produce a minimal amount of offspring at a time with a guarantee of a low infant-mortality rate.K-strategist populations generally have a lower growth rate than r-strategist populations because of the fewer amount of offspring that K-strategists produce.  K-Strategists start producing offspring later in their life and, when they do, only have a few offspring at a time. Once the offspring are produced, the parent puts a lot of time and energy into raising their young until they have reached maturity. Most, if not all, of the offspring produced will reach maturity and will even have a long life-expectancy. The environment that many K-strategists live in is a stable environment that is mostly foreign to spontaneous events that seriously affect the populations living there. 

The bird shown in the picture is an example of a K-strategist. She only has a few young at a time and puts a lot of energy into caring for them. Other great examples of K-strategists include humans. It is fairly rare for humans to have more than one or two children at a time and for each child, we put in an immense amount of TLC- an entire 18 years worth! Also, most humans reach reproduction age and continue to live on for many years. Furthermore, humans are adapted to living in a stable environment, as is characteristic of most K-strategists.


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