The Hot Zone Part 4

What did you think of the reading?

Although, I was really looking forward to finally finding out the true origin of Ebola, the ending of this book was entertaining. The author left us on the edge, explaining that sometimes we can’t always find concrete answers. He ended the novel with the same anticipation he started it with.

What did you learn?

I learned that some questions don’t have simple answers. Hot agents play an important role in preserving the Earth’s biological balance.  The author mentions many other viruses found in rain forest, one of them being Aids. Apparently, all these viruses are most prevalent in Africa, which is unfortunate because contains some the fastest growing economies.

What questions do you still have?

I am curious about viruses found in other areas, like the Amazon. It pretty awful how Africa always gets the shorter end of the stick. that I also wonder whether anyone ever found about the Reston monkey house, its scary to have children playing in an area that used to be biologically “hot”.


4 thoughts on “The Hot Zone Part 4

  1. I was also entertained by the way Preston ended the story. He did not give the reader a straight-forward explanation on Ebola to this day but he left the reader wondering, instead. I agree that all questions do not have direct and easy answers. It is frightening to have one’s children play in an old hot zone.

  2. The fact that not everything has a solution or logical explanation is something that is very difficult to comprehend by many people and often leaves doubt in everyones mind. We can only maintain hope that breakouts will not happen.Regarding your last question about whether or not people found out about the monkey house, that’s kind of a silly question seeing that there was a bestseller written about it. Hopefully, organizations that provide Africa with help will continue to attempt to end careless and unneeded spread of deadly pathogens.

  3. I also liked the cliffhanger ending. Although I was looking forward to finding out more on a cure his closure gave a feeling of continuity. He implies that the fight between the Ebola virus is still raging. I’m also curious to know if deadly viruses like the Ebola in Africa reside in other similar parts of the world like the Amazon Basin.

  4. I completely agree that he did leave a few questions unanswered in the end, but I disagree in that was a good thing. I feel like leaving questions unanswered is meant for a fiction book but not a non fiction book which completely disappointed me.

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