The Hot Zone Part 4

What did you think of the reading?

I really enjoyed reading this novel. There was always excitement and danger at every chapter. I felt that the author ended it nicely but left a few questions unanswered. This caused a mysterious feeling that might make readers agitated and anxious to know more. The ending of the novel really brought the reader to his or her senses about the real world and how viruses and disease could strike anywhere at any given time. It was a true horror story.

What did you learn?

I learned that microbiology is an extremely fascinating and scary field. Researchers cannot always identify viruses with ease and there is always something to study because new viruses could emerge instantly. I also learned that rain forests can carry a plethora of viruses and that’s a shame because a ton of cures and treatments can be found in the rain forests.

What questions do you still have?

I still want to know if a cure for Ebola has been discovered yet. I am also wondering when the next mass breakout will be. Mother nature is bound to throw another lethal virus at us to bring down the human population. I also wonder if there is a chance that the human population can be wiped out completely from a new and deadly disease.


2 thoughts on “The Hot Zone Part 4

  1. I agree with you. This novel was surprisingly exciting but informative at the same time. I enjoyed learning about the viruses and didn’t think microbiology could be such a dangerous field either. I also want to know if a cure is ever discovered for Ebola. Learning just about this one virus and its effects makes you think about the millions more out there.

  2. The deadliness of the virus and knowing that it can hurt us at any time is what established this novel as a horror story, I agree. We can only wait and time will tell if a new outbreak will occur and let’s hope that it doesn’t affect us in our backyards again.

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