Littoral Zone Organism

Littoral Zone Organism

Although the extent of inundation or lack thereof of the area in question is dependent on the particular environment of the water body, the littoral zone is the shallow area where a body of water converges with land . Although the intertidal zone is sometimes employed synonymously with the littoral zone, it can varying on context encompass much greater areas of water. For example, in oceanography, the littoral zone extends through the sublittoral zone, the perpetually submerged ocean segment which generally reaches the end of the continental shelf and, as never so deep to preclude the penetration of sunlight to aquatic organisms, houses the majority of sea life, to the supralittoral zone, the land area directly above the high tide line never fully encased in water.Marine biologists tend to divide the sublittoral zone into both the infralittoral and deeper circalittoral zone.In freshwater situations, littoral zones are frequently accompanied by wetlands at the boundary between the land and river or lake.The turtle above resides in the littoral zone of the freshwater body which pervades the nature reserve in which it abides.


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