A population is the collective total of a species which, capable of interbreeding, occupy a particular, discretely defined ecosystem.In the context of evolutionary biology, populations are the macroscopic units in which genetic flow manifesting in the gene pool results in the widespread alteration of traditionally expressed phenotypical characteristics to the point which the species in question losses the capacity to interbreed with what becomes their evolutionary ancestors and emerge as new species; in less dramatic scenarios, it is isolated-from -the-rest-of -their-species in/with generally divergent environmental conditions/survival demands that through populations adaptations take hold in gene pools.Assuming that allele frequencies remain constant (no mutations/gene flow/evolution),the population is statistically abundant, and no deferential of reproductive success exists, it is possible to mathematically(Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium) predict the frequency of particular alleles and genotypes in successive generations, though the equation can seldom be applied to real life ecological situations as the before-mentioned conditions are essentially non-existent in the wild.Populations are considered to be the 4th level of biological organization, succeeding the ecosphere,biosphere,particular ecosystems, and communities, preceding particular organisms,organ systems, tissues, cells, molecules, and atoms(plus technically quantum objects).The particular great white egret in the above photo represents the former population of the palm beach wild life nature reserve(which can be considered an individual ecosystem)


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