Your Inner Fish part 4

 What did you think about the reading? Like the other parts, I found this part very unexciting almost to the point of becoming hard to read, yet informative. It was actually pretty well organized in terms of the information presented, and the transition from topic to topic. In the end, however, it seemed as though Shubin was wrapping up all of the points, only to start mentioning diseases.

 What did you learn? I learned a lot about the mechanisms and evolution of the eyes and the outer, middle, and inner ear. I thought it was interesting to read about the effects of alcohol on the inner ear. I did not know there was a connection between our inner ear and the lateral line of sharks.  I also previously did not know that the evolutionary beginnings of certain systems can cause problems in our bodies.

What questions do you still have? While reading the part about the eyeless gene in flies, I was wondering about the implications on humans. Would it be possible to activate the equivalent of an eyeless gene in a human and grow eyes wherever the gene was activated? Even though it may not be fully functioning it would be pretty cool to have an eye on your arm or foot.


2 thoughts on “Your Inner Fish part 4

  1. I too discovered a lot of new things about the evoultion of eyes and ears in these last couple chapters. If somewhere in our body there is a eyeless gene, I suppose there would be a possibility to spawn an eye somewhere besides the usual spot, but I would have to say that the new eye would not function or develop properly making it useless.

  2. I guess it’s theoretically possible to activate the eyeless gene in abstruse areas of the body, but they would end up not only dysfunctional but mutilated,as you could not for example develop eye sockets on the arm to provide for them proper protection. Thus, even if you could spawn multiple misplaced eyes, you would probably end up surgically removing them.

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