Distinguishing Characteristics between Monocots and Dicots



A classis characteristic of monocots and dicots, leaf veins will significantly differ between the two. On the left one may observe, the characteristic reticulated veins may always be observed in dicots, while on the right, the veins will form a parallel pattern, a common feature of monocots. Furthermore, monocots have one sole cotyledon, while dicots have two cotyledons; and roots, xylems, and phloems will be found in a ring shape, while in dicots, roots, and phloems are in between the arms of the xylem. Monocots have vascular bundles scattered throughout the stem, while dicots have their vascular bundles in a distinct ring; while in regards to the different style of flowers between the two, monocots have flowers that are in multiples of 3, while dicots flowers are typically in parts of four or five. Lastly, the roots of a monocot are fibrous, while dicots have mainly a primary root. As can be seen, the distinctions between monocots and dicots are numerous, and is another reminder for how unique, intriguing extraordinary these group of plants are.


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