A K strategist is a species that produces a few offspring, but invests time and effort into teaching them how to survive the environment and protecting them. This strategy is one that has evolved over time. K-strategy is described as a competitive approach to life. This is because the approach produces a few big, strong offspring who can compete better to survive. These species do extraordinarily well in highly competitive conditions when their population is near carrying capacity. However, they can be prone to die out when their species is scarce. They also have better chances at learning to adapt to changing environments with different behaviors. When they are young, K-strategists are feeble and cannot survive on their own. In the picture above you can see a duck in the distance with its chicks. This duck is an example of a K-strategist that nurses its young for an extended period of time, while not having a huge excess of young, so as to invest in each chick’s quality.


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