Prokaryotes are classified as generally mono-cellular, capsulized organism possessing a cell wall and lacking both mitochondria/chloroplast and nucleus bound genetic DNA. Prokaryotes generally perform cellular respiration over their cell membranes, and particular variations of the former may utilize RNA over DNA as their primary form of genetic material.Always reproducing asexually usually via binary fission, their are particular ways, such as in E.coli conjugation, that allow the exchange of genetic information between prokaryotic organisms. The two major prokaryotic domains are archaea and bacteria which, historically considered branches of the overarching domain Prokaryota, are now classified discretely by virtue of the distinct genetic constitution and evolutionary history of the two domains in question. Permeating the biological world,prokaryotic organisms notoriously infect human lacerations,such as the one which once existed in place of the above scar


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