An R-strategist is a species that produces an abundance of offspring in hope that a few will survive. Scientists believe that this is a more primitive strategy in ensuring the survival of offspring, however the strategy works well. Unlike in K-strategy, where offspring have to learn from their parents for an extended period of time and are helpless; R-strategy saves the parent time and effort, while also allowing offspring to guide themselves using per-programmed genetics that has been tested time and again to ensure survival. These strategists are regarded to be opportunists – they have as much offspring as possible during their short life time and leave young to fend for themselves. However when their luck runs out and the environment changes, those same genes that guided them in survival may actually be counterproductive in the new environment. This leads to a massive decrease in that species. In the image above a lizard is shown sitting on the rocks. This lizard is a classic example of an R-strategist.


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