The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Part 3

What did you think about the reading?

I think that the book was great. Rebecca Skloot showed everything about Henrietta’s life including her family, her cells, and their effect on the medical world after she had died. Part 3 was a great way to end this amazing book.

What did you learn?

In this part of the book, the learned the affect of these cells on Henrietta’s family and the general public. Henrietta’s cells were tested positive for HPV, which at the time was found out to be a new strand of cancer. This was a huge scientific breakthrough because now they can test for HPV in cases similar to Henrietta’s and possibly save millions of people that, without the research done on Henrietta’s cells, would have died. Also Henrietta’s family begins to be interviewed by all sorts of reporters. During this time they are find out that the cells are bringing in so much money from research and selling the cells, but the family still has not received any sort of compensation. Reporters were trying to get everything they could from Henrietta’s family, without giving them anything in return. This caused the family to not trust any reporters at all. All of these events caused Deborah to have a stroke. But then Rebecca Skloot called. Rebecca was the first person to ever care about the family and Henrietta’s story.

What questions do you still have?

The end of the book answered all of my previous questions except if the Lacks family got any sort of compensation, and if the cells are still being used today to help create scientific breakthroughs. Also did this book help the Lacks family get some compensation, and did it help get Henrietta’s story to the world?

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