Part 2- July 19, 2013: Ch. 4-6

What did you think about the reading?

So far, I have really enjoyed reading this book and learning about the intensive and extensive research Dr. Shubin has conducted to find the “transitional” fossil. Throughout these chapters, he has risen a very interesting theory about teeth and how they are a common ancestor with every other animal through skin. At first I was shocked to hear that teeth is the common ancestor and not skin, a more general organ. After the very thorough explanation that teeth are basically the templates for all bones, I was able to map out a connection between both structures. Later, he mentions the idea that sharks are human like and vice versa. This surprised me as well since, from my perspective I have always viewed sharks, a fish, and a human, as completely different animals. This rose up many questions for me. Yet, as I was immersed in all these questions, Dr. Shubin finally convinces me about all the ideas mentioned when I headed into the sixth chapter. The common body plans between most animals, all having a front, back, and tail. This seemed to tie everything together.


What did you learn?

Through out these chapters I learned that without teeth, some organisms would not even be discovered because of their soft bodies, and because of teeth, organisms were able to develop a bone structure through evolution. I also learned that the arches found in embryos of sharks and humans develop similar structures in both animals. Lastly the body plans of most organisms have homologous structures and positioning since they all have a back, front, and tail. 


What questions do you still have?

 Why do fish still exist if scientists suggest we evolved from them? Shouldn’t they all be extinct?



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