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Your Inner FIsh Part 4

What did you think of the reading

I really enjoyed the way Shubin wrapped up the entire book at the end. The book was very informative and Shubin’s anecdotes and humorous examples really helped keep my attention. 

What did you learn from the reading?

I learned about how evolution is a cumulative process. The example of the Bozo family tree helped illustrate this. It also helped to explain how closest relatives are found. Certain features are added over time, and the more features in common, the more closely related. Or even just both organisms sharing a newer trait from the same source can show relation. I also learned that the fossils found are likely not our direct ancestors. For most of the book I was under the impression that this was the case, but at the end Shubin clarified. I also learned about how our ancestry as fish and other creatures haunts us today in the form of health problems and oddly looping nerves. I also learned about how certain traits that were once a great advantage are now detrimental to us such as storing/craving fat and one tube for breathing  and eating. 

What questions do you still have?

If developing a certain way, such as walking on two legs, is detrimental in older ages why did it develop? Wouldn’t it make sense that our ape ancestors that lived longer with less problems would reproduce more?