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Your Inner Fish Part 4

The last couple of chapters were very informative. I found the chapter about the sound and hearing really fascinating because there was lot of new things I did not know, like how they developed through the years, functioned in different types of animals like fish, and even how they play a role with alcohol. Another thing that caught my interest was the how the same bone for one creature can have a completely different purpose and function for another organism. For me, the last chapter was probably the most interesting chapter within the whole book. I felt like this chapter really connected the whole book together, and filled in many gaps. As I read the last chapter I realized how important and sophisticated each and every part of our body is. Our hands, feet, head, etc. have gone through years and years of modification with trial and error to become what they are today. It makes me feel very privileged and fortunate to have a body that can do so much. Although human bodies are already capable of performing multiple tasks, Shubin explains how our figure has some disadvantages. Some of the things he mentions are the existence of obesity and hemorrhoids in some humans. Shubin points out how the flaws in our bodies make evolution a very important part in finding a solution and cure for the flaws in human beings. Reading this book I have learned a lot and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the background of how we came to be such remarkable creatures, as it contains an exceeding amount of information. The only thing that leave me wondering is how scientists in the future will use the commonalties we have with other creatures to solve and cure dysfunctions in human beings along with other organisms