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A coenzyme, ATP, otherwise known as adenosine triphosphate, is most notably known as the energy currency of life. The structure of this legendary molecule, consists of a carbon compound as backbone, three phosphate groups that are connected to each other by oxygen. The chemical formula for this compound is C10H16N5O13P3. The removal of the third phosphate group, results in an exergonic reaction, as ATP converts to ADP, giving off approximately 31 kJ/mol. ATP transfers chemical energy within cells due to metabolism. Furthermore, it is an end product for a variety of reactions, such as cellular respiration, fermentation, photosynthesis, and so forth. Moreover, ATP is produced daily to the equivalent of the person’s body weight. Additionally, ATP was founded by Karl Lohmann, Fiske, and Subbarao in 1929, but its correct structure was not identified until 1941 by Fritz Albert Lipmann. As can be seen, ATP is a remarkable molecule, and plays a ginormous role in life.