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Your Inner Fish Pt 4

Shubin wrapping up everything he had talked about in the last chapter really opened my eyes to life, ancestry and commonalities between other species whether it be with a polar bear or the well-known Tiktaalik. Humans and most other species are all related in someway through at least one ancestor, some closer than others, but all in all it’s basically one giant family of different creatures. I still remain curious about ancestral creatures of ours, and the ones Shubin nor any other team was able to find… the first few life forms on Earth. That discovery and unraveling of the evolution of animals is like a blank page that is almost ready to be written on. Finding these discoveries will make us understand “our inner fish” more ineptly. Also learning about the development and evolution of the ear for mammals made me appreciate the part of me that holds my glasses, allows me to hear, and holds my hair back. All these little traits we have that we pay no attention to are actually a big part of our lives, and they are what make humans, humans.

P.S. the part that talked about the deadly box jellyfish having more than twenty eyes as a combination of the Pax 6 and 2 gene got me a little teary-eyed with fear, that is all…