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Your Inner Fish: Part 4

I really enjoyed the entire book especially the way Shubin wrapped it up. He keeps you wanting to read more even though he thoroughly wrote the entire novel. I learned much about the evolution of the senses, specifically the sense of sound and hearing, and how the differed throughout time. I find this piece of research so interesting because it isn’t something many people think about. We take our characteristics for granted and do not take the time to learn how they came to be. That may be part of the reason I found this novel to be so interesting, it gave me knowledge I did not even think I wanted but enjoyed so much more than I thought I would have. Before reading the novel, I was very skeptical of some aspects of evolution but the author allows his audience to step out of their comfort zone to contemplate other theories and ideas. I never thought I would have enjoyed this novel as much as I did but it opened me up to other beliefs. The novel was very easy to read however arose questions in the readers’ minds.